Friday, August 13, 2010

SLU Rugby hosting Coaching Clinics

To all high school, college, men’s, women’s and aspiring coaches:
St. Louis University will be hosting a USA Rugby Coach’s clinic October 2nd-3rd. USA Rugby coach development workshops have been designed to help instruct coaches on the principles of coaching rugby through a player-centered approach. The aim of USA Rugby is to provide a high-level of knowledge and experience throughout the United States to facilitate the development of a standard of coaching comparable to the International Rugby Board (IRB) coaching standards.

St. Louis University is proud to offer two different workshops during the event: Introducing Rugby and Developing Rugby Skills. Introducing Rugby is geared towards coaches who are focused on introducing the game to new players. It focuses on the fundamentals of the game to benefit coaches and players with limited rugby experience. Therefore, it is ideal for high school and college coaches, as well as men’s and women’s club coaches seeking advanced certification.
Developing Rugby Skills is ideal for experienced head coaches that are involved in club and all-star play. Emphasis is placed on identifying key factors, practice planning, game sense and skill development. (Note: It is required for you to have gone through and completed the Introducing Rugby Course before the Developing Rugby Skills Course. Questions or more information on the test-out policy email Mollie at

What will be provided: -Ground Transportation as needed -Lunch during the clinic -Hotel information -Social Outing Location on Saturday -Classrooms, equipment, facilities, etc. for the weekend

What you will need to do to register: -The cost is $200 and must be registered online with visa or mastercard at least 15 days prior to the clinic. Late registration is $300. The following link will guide you to the USA Rugby Website. Click on the following link and click on Register for a Coaching Workshop. If paying by check please use this form Register Now!

Date: October 2nd-3rd, 2010
Where: Saint Louis University Simon Recreation Center 3639 Laclede Ave St. Louis, MO 63108 314.977.3975
Hotel: Drury Inn Union Station
201 South 20th Street, St Louis, MO‎
(314) 231-3900‎

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fall Schedules

MRFU match secretaries,

Thanks to all of you for your hard work. Despite some challenges with the weather we were able to put together successful Spring season of rugby.

Per the ground rules of the Union, June 1 is the annual deadline for submitting Fall season schedules. Please get them to Bryce Krug as soon as possible so that we can start to construct the schedule.

The Union is negotiating a field renovation project at the Central Fields. There aren't many details to share with you at this point, but you should be award that it appears that we will be using Cricket and Lindell fields this fall and next spring.

College Men: The board discussed the collegiate men's schedule last week. Because Principia is joining the college league and because of the difficulties we faced this spring trying to get all the required matches in before the qualification deadline for nationals, we are asking all college men's teams to schedule their league matches this fall.

Several match secretaries have suggested that we reinstitute an old tradition -- the union used to schedule a meeting of match secretaries and the schedule would get hammered out all at once. Of course, this will only work if all of you attend, so contact Bryce with your thoughts and whether you are interested in such a gathering. Also, please send him any updates you may have for club officers or contacts.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Version of IRB Law 3 with Union Specific Variations

The West has adopted the Union Specific Variations as they pertain to front row replacements as detailed below:

The following competition regulation applies for any match that leads in any way to a USA Rugby National Championship.

  • All matches shall be governed by IRB Law 3 with respect to substitutions and front row replacements. In particular, Law 3.14 “Union Specific Variations” will apply to front row replacements.
  • Failure to have three trained and experienced front-row players at the start of a match will result in a forfeit.
  • Teams shall submit a match roster nominating a maximum of 23 players – 15 starting players and a maximum of eight reserves.
  • The table below indicates the required numbers of suitably trained and experienced front row players for different numbers of players on the match roster

    Number of Players on the Roster - Number of suitably trained and experienced Front Row Players

    15 - 3
    16, 17 or 18 - 4
    19, 20 or 21 - 5
    22 or 23 - 6
  • Should a team lose all of their available front row players, then uncontested scrums will take place but the team opting out of the set-piece will not be able to replace the injured player - forcing them to continue with only fourteen players. (Note - This is a change to the existing Laws and ensures that a team going to uncontested scrums does not gain an advantage.)


(a) A Union having jurisdiction (or where a match or competition is played between teams
from two or more Unions those Unions by agreement between them) may implement
variations to Law 3 .4 for matches below international level as set out in 3(b) and/or 3 (c)
below .

(b) When 22 or 23 players are nominated in a team there must be sufficient front row players
to play at hooker, tight-head prop and loose-head prop who are suitably trained and
experienced to ensure that on the first occasion that a replacement in any front row
position is required, the team can continue to play safely with contested scrums.

(c) A provision may be introduced that where uncontested scrums are ordered as result of
there being no suitably trained and experienced front row replacement for any reason, the
team concerned play with not more than 14 players

Thursday, August 20, 2009

USA Rugby Extends Deadline for 2010 National Championship bids

Following an official review of organizing committees’ bids for USA Rugby’s 2010 National Championship events, the organization has officially decided to extend its deadline from August 10 to September 1, 2009 in an effort to receive more interest from potential hosts.
Boasting membership in excess of 80,000, USA Rugby is looking to combine the growing momentum for the game in our country with the excitement and energy generated by the National Championship Series.

The championship season will once again kick off with the USA Rugby Collegiate Playoffs on April 16-18 and for the second straight year is looking split the locations in order to minimize travel and costs for teams.

Following the final approval by the USA Rugby Youth Committee, the date of the USA Rugby Boy’s High School, and Boy’s and Girl’s U-19 Championships will be on May 21-23 and USA Rugby is still accepting bids for this event.

The Men’s Club Playoffs will take place on May 22-23, and USA Rugby is looking to split this event geographically as well, holding an event in the East and West portions of the U.S.

In regards to the National All-Star Championships, the senior women’s event will be on May 28 and 30, the Women’s Under-23 All-Star Championships will be held June 11 and 13, while the Men’s and Women’s All-Star Sevens will take place on August 28-29 and all three have no venue as of yet.

USA Rugby is also trying to find a host for the Women’s Club Playoffs and Championships, which are set for October 30-31 and November 13-14, respectively.

If an organization feels it can host a successful USA Rugby Championship Tournament, USA Rugby requests that it submits the bid questionnaire as soon as possible. Bid questionnaire’s will be accepted at the National Office no later than August 10, 2009. If your location, facilities and surrounding amenities meet the initial criteria USA Rugby has for the event, we will ask you to then complete the extensive bid package for the event.

For more information on the National Championship Series, please visit To bid on an event, please check out the bid packet by clicking on the following link

USA Rugby National Championship Dates for 2010
The following events are still accepting bids:

April 16, 17 & 18
College: Men & Women’s Division I Playoffs (East and West locations needed)
College: Men & Women’s Division II Playoffs (East and West locations needed)

April 30-May 1
College: Men’s & Women’s Division I and II Championships, Steuber Rugby Stadium, Stanford University

May 21-23
High School/ U19: Championships (24 teams – one location)

May 22 & 23
Club: Men’s Division I, II & III Playoffs (East and West locations needed)

May 28 & 30
All Star: Women’s 15’s Championships (8 teams – one location)

June 5-6
Club: Men’s Division I, II & III Championships, Infinity Park, Glendale, Colo.

June 10 & 12
All Star: Men’s Collegiate Championships, Infinity Park, Glendale, Colo.

June 11 & 13
All Star: Women’s Under 23 Championship (8 teams – one location)

August 14-15
Sevens: Men’s Club Sevens Championships, Treasure Island in San Francisco, Calif.

August 28 & 29
Sevens: Men’s and Women’s all Star 7’s championships (16 teams – one location)

October 30 & 31
Club: Women’s Division I Playoffs (Round of 16 – one location)

November 13 & 14
Club: Women’s Division I Championship (8 teams – one location)

USA Rugby CIPP and MRFU Dues

USA Rugby online registration is now open for the 2009-2010 Competitive Season. The dues structure is as follows for our TU and LAU:

USA Rugby (plus Western Union Dues) 2009-2010 Dues Structure

Club Registration: $150.00

Individual Senior Registration: $35.00 + $25.00 = $60
Individual Collegiate Registration: $30.00 = $20.00 = $50
Individual High School Registration: $20.00 + $15.00 = $35

The MRFU Board of Directors approved a motion to change the current dues structure from a per person fee to a per club fee. The team presidents were alerted to this change at the August 3rd meeting at SMRFU clubhouse. The fee schedule is below. This is a one-time per competitive season fee, no matter the size of your roster. These dues can be paid using PayPal from the MRFU website.

Mens clubs - $1,150
Women’s clubs - $1,150
Collegiate - $850
HS Boys - $550
HS Girls - $450

All of this must be done prior to your first match. Referees will not be sent to matches where either club is not compliant.

Jan Stokes
MRFU Match Secretary
(314) 550-4636